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Avida Land is an expert and one of the top developers in the country when it comes to condominium development. Hence, you will enjoy a host of world-class facilities and amenities when you invest in your own condo unit at Avida Towers San Lorenzo. These facilities and amenities are designed to enhance your quality of life, as Avida Land has committed itself to providing you with inspired design and a lifestyle that you will enjoy.

At the middle of the two towers is the Podium and Amenity Area. This is where you will find most of the amenities available to the condominium complex. At the Podium area, you will find the Clubhouse. This Clubhouse, just like the towers and the unit interiors, feature a modern design that is inspired and provides a sense of relaxation to the unit owners. You can come here on weekends, or at the end of each day at work, to enjoy some drinks and relax. It is hard to imagine that you are located right at the heart of Makati – this area will make you feel like you have gone somewhere far from the city of a relaxing vacation. 

Aside from the beautifully designed clubhouse, you will also notice that the entire premises of the development site are filled with many landscaped areas. The modern design of this condominium is complemented beautifully with the presence of green spaces that provide a relaxing atmosphere to this condominium. Every time you step out of the condominium tower, you will be greeted by the sight of green and landscaped areas, which creates a relaxing ambiance. This is part of the developer’s plan to create a sense of peaceful atmosphere that is a huge contrast to the chaotic urban landscape of Makati.

The Clubhouse is not the only major feature within the amenity area of Avida Towers San Lorenzo. The swimming pool is another major amenity that is a standard in modern condominiums. This full-sized swimming pool is open for residents to use. The swimming pool comes with a pool deck for you to lounge in when you are done with your swim. This is a great place to spend your weekends in, especially if you want to cool off from the heat. 

To provide convenience to the unit owners at this condominium complex, Avida Towers San Lorenzo also offers a spacious parking area for its residents. The parking area is secure and guarded. Hence, you can be at peace knowing that your vehicle is safe. 

Aside from the amenities discussed above, you can also enjoy the following facilities and amenities in this condominium: emergency power source, high-speed elevators, outside gym, and fire protection and alarm systems.

As with any modern condominium, both of the towers at Avida Towers San Lorenzo and all of the facilities in the development area are guarded by security personnel. Security and safety of the condo unit owners is a primary concern for the property management team. Hence, there are security guards that ensure that the residents are safe while they are inside its premises.

  • Clubhouse
  • Outside gym
  • Infinity pool
  • Lush Greeneries
  • Main Lobby
  • Mailbox for each unit
  • 3 elevator Units per tower
  • Fire protection/Alarm System
  • Adequate emergency power
  • Telephone, Cable and Internet (wi-fi) ready
  • Garbage Chute
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